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October 28, 2010

Self Promotion – Boost Your Ego.

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The opportunity to promote yourself occurs at least, at a minimum:


When encountering someone in person for the first time, each time you extend your hand and utter your name the opportunity to sell yourself is there, wide open for the taking.

Through email each time you correspond with someone the opportunity to add a link or a tagline is there.

Through phone conversations you can always squeeze in a question that pertains to your business skills.

  • Do you read blogs?
  • Really? I know a great one! (and then give them your info and tell them to check it out).

With confidence and practice, self promotion should become second nature.  Try adding 1 line to your introduction of yourself and then graduate to 2 lines as you get comfy!

1. Hello, I’m Stephanie Strickland.

2. I’m an author and technical writer.

3. I provide business solutions through writing techniques.

1,2, 3!  Now let the conversations begin!



October 27, 2010

Communication through Social Media

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Today’s business communication methods are definitely more technologically based than they were just six months ago.  Where emails, interoffice memos and IMs once were the norm now are slowly becoming obsolete. Looking at the focus of how social media has trickled into business media is astounding. Now the major social media sites house job opportunities, business networking venues and a platform to promote yourself and your latest business venture (for free) through a simple post.  As expert social communicators, as we have all proven to be with our endless pokes, tweets, and updates we must be aware that not only are were reflecting who were are in every post but are judged by that 150 word rant on cheese, that insightful update on why your relationship status states “complicated”, let’s take a few minutes to differentiate between social and business and make a wise choice on whether or not we want our potential employer (or client for that matter) to know that your ex will never get you back because you caught them with your cousin.

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