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January 29, 2011

Take A Break from your Business Woes

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“Exciting new novel, reality t.v. on a page!!!”

Unraveled is a story of a woman who bounces from one tumultuous relationship to another until she is pushed to the edge.  She spends an agonizing morning with her best friend Perry trying to battle out of a mess that one of her relationships has found her in.  It’s an up & down roller coaster ride of friendship, love, betrayal and murder that will take readers into the life of a woman living an alternative lifestyle but experiencing conventional emotional turmoil.

Unraveled guides you through Samantha Kent’s spirited life and many indiscretions. It keeps you on the edge with unpredictable twist and turns that has the reader wondering what else has Sam done and what cold calculating thing will she do next?

Available Now @:

www.barnesandnoble.com &  www.amazon.com

To leave your review on the official website click on cover or visit www.stevemarie.webs.com


October 28, 2010

Self Promotion – Boost Your Ego.

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The opportunity to promote yourself occurs at least, at a minimum:


When encountering someone in person for the first time, each time you extend your hand and utter your name the opportunity to sell yourself is there, wide open for the taking.

Through email each time you correspond with someone the opportunity to add a link or a tagline is there.

Through phone conversations you can always squeeze in a question that pertains to your business skills.

  • Do you read blogs?
  • Really? I know a great one! (and then give them your info and tell them to check it out).

With confidence and practice, self promotion should become second nature.  Try adding 1 line to your introduction of yourself and then graduate to 2 lines as you get comfy!

1. Hello, I’m Stephanie Strickland.

2. I’m an author and technical writer.

3. I provide business solutions through writing techniques.

1,2, 3!  Now let the conversations begin!


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