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December 13, 2010

Extra, Extra Read All About It!!!

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News & Press Releases are important in promoting and marketing yourself, your business or your new product.

You can get your point across traditionally or with new technologically savvy methods.  Both are equally acceptable in today’s market.  One news or press release can be forwarded to millions of people via: fax, snail mail, email and social media venues.  

Take your time and create a release that answers the key questions that will provide you with pertinent information that will not only spark an interest but create a desire to get involved with your business or product.

Key Questions:

1.  “What is my intended message?”

2.  “Who is my intended audience?”

3.  “Why do they need this information?”

4.   “How will I  hold their attention?”

Spark an interest early, within the first two sentences your audience should be hooked.  The subsequent sentences (maximum of 15) will only back up the first two.

Good Luck!

Check back next week for the correct answer to the poll.


June 23, 2010

Technical Writing Concepts

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Does anyone have any thoughts on the technical writing concepts that need to be put into place for today’s startup business?  There are a variety of tactics that can be implemented that will get a business on its way.  Items like: professionally written policy and procedure manuals, employee handbooks, and internal instruction manuals will make the difference in how smoothly the first year of your company runs.   As a new business owner, taking the time to professionally establish a tone for your day-to-day processes and expectations  will definitely make a difference in the long run.  This practice works best at the inception of the business rather than once processes are already underway.  It is simpler to adjust a plan when needed than to create one once an issue has arisen.

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